Thursday, January 22, 2009

My First Week in Australia

At the dog park

On our way to the dog park with Heath's nieces and nephew

Burleigh Beach

First tee off!

Golfing at the Gold Coast

Southbank Beach in Brisbane

Heath getting tips from "Males, Nails, and Sample Sales"

My first week in Australia has flown by quickly! We've been golfing, going to movies, beach, and hanging out with Heath's friends and family. Yes, I played 9 holes, Dad! You would be so proud!
Although I miss home, I like living here so far. I'm adapting to their cultural differences, such as their lingo, food, currency, etc. I've also started to follow tennis and cricket!
We've gone to a couple different beaches since I've been here; Burleigh Heads, Broad Beach, and Southbank. They are BEAUTIFUL! The sand is so soft and the beaches are so clean. Next week we'll be at the beach everyday because we're going on a 7 day cruise to the Great Barrier Reef and a few other tropical destinations. There are a lot of Heath's friends from YSA going so it should be a good time!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Years, Lasik, 20th Birthday, and Last Days in America!


New Year's Eve was a very eventful evening! I went to a masquerade party with all my girlfriends. It was a blast! We danced, kissed boys at midnight, and then had a party at one of my good friend, Courtney's, house. While everyone was kissing at midnight, I was able to talk to Heath on the phone, so that was a highlight of the evening! 

On Friday, I was privileged (my sisters would say spoiled) to get Lasik eye correction! It was a very painful weekend, but well worth it!

Saturday was my birthday, and I pretty much laid around all day, received a nice present from Kim and Ethan, flowers from my parents, and then went to Kona Grill for dinner with my friends that night. By night time, my eyes were VERY sensitive, hence why I'm wearing my sunglasses at night, inside the restaurant!

So, the past few weeks have been kind of sentimental to me because
1. I no longer wear contacts or glasses (which I'm not too sentimental about). 
2. I am no longer a teenager.
3. I am moving to another country for 5 months...which brings me to my third point
4. I will be missing out on family and friend events :(

I will miss home, but I am so excited for this opportunity to travel, meet new people, and spend lots of time with Heath!

Monday, January 5, 2009


So I decided to be like everyone else and start a blog! Especially since I'll be moving half way around the world, this is an easy way to keep everyone updated on what I am doing!

So, yes, I am moving to Australia (which I'm sure most of you have read my mom's blog to find that out). It was kind of a last minute decision....I became really good friends with a boy who came to stay to visit America with my sister, Kim, and her husband, Ethan. Heath had never been here before and decided to come! Well, we became very good friends and he said I would have a place to stay in Brisbane with him if I wanted to go. Well, I've always wanted to travel and live somewhere for a semester so I thought, what the heck! So we bought the plane tickets and I leave January 14! Although I feel bad for breaking my mother's heart, I know she understands and supports my decision.

Also, these are just a few pictures from his trip to America :)