Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I love this time of year! It really makes me miss home and all the fun things we do to get ready for the fall season. I put my big bowl of candy and other Halloween decorations out the first week of October and Heath was wondering why I was putting it out already, and I kept telling him "It's for the FESTIVITIES!" I love getting in the Halloween spirit!
Heath is enjoying my homemade pumpkins cookies. Australia doesn't have canned pumpkin (unless you go to an American store, then its like $20 for 1 can) so I decided to cook and mash my own pumpkin. The cookies turned out okay, but there's just something about that canned pumpkin that makes the cookies so much better!
Carving pumpkins! Heath didn't not get to carve a pumpkin with me last year, so this was his first time! He really enjoyed it! Next year we will get our own pumpkins to carve.
Ghostface and LORD VOLDEMORT(The Allens pumpkin)!

Can't wait for our Halloween Party this weekend!

Any guesses what Heath and I are going to be this year??? (Hint: we are a couple from a movie)