Friday, April 30, 2010

Home is Where the Hart Is

Its been a month since we've moved into our new place and I still haven't posted pictures! So I cleaned up as much as I can so I can show my family where I live!

I'll just preface the house and say that it is a classic example of an "old Queensland house". To the looks on the outside, to the walls, to the tiles (or no tiles) to the old style bathrooms. But we love it and have made it as cozy as possible so we can call it Home.

Welcome to Chateau de Hart/Allen! James and Amy Allen live in the upstairs part of the house. It has its own kitchen, dining, bathroom, lounge, and bedrooms so its separate from the bottom part of the house, where we live.

Front lounge room...

Here is the new kitchen that the boys put in..


See the mirror on the floor? $10 on ebay! We bought that to replace the other tiny mirror.

The is the view from the bathroom window.. Heath and David cleaning up the backyard. He's such a hard worker :)Dining/Theater room

Back yard

The yard and patio have a lot of potential! Its on our list of thing to fix up.

View from the back part of the yard.
Last but not least, the bedroom. It needs SERIOUS attention but we'll get there :)

We do enjoy our big walk in closet, but I'll show pictures another day when we've organized it :)

And that is our home! Lindsay and Lucy, there is plenty of room for you and your families to visit!!
Can't wait for Mom to visit in June :)