Friday, June 8, 2012

27th Birthday and Baby Update

I'm very behind on updating my blog but it's been a busy couple weeks! Heath's birthday was a couple weeks ago...he's 27 and pretty upset about getting old and getting further away from his prime (no longer can play professional AFL because he's too "old") so I had to make his day very special! So we started the day out right by having french toast with ice cream!

We both worked all day and meant to go out to dinner that night but couldn't decide on a restaurant so I decided to make chimichangas, which is one of Heath's favorite mexican dishes.
We had some friends over that night to watch State of Origin (it's like the Superbowl of rugby). He guessed to have the Queensland team win by 8 points and they won by 8 points! I don't know if he's just lucky or psychic. 

 Saturday, I threw a party for him in our backyard. We borrowed our friend Matt's blow up projector screen and had Sing Star challenges. We also had a fire and s'mores and hot chocolate!

Our niece Layla's birthday was that day as well so they celebrated their birthday together.

Now for the baby update: I feel like I am getting huge! Baby boy is kicking all the time and it's so fun for me to physically feel him now all the time. Here's a belly photo for you, Mom and sisters!