Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Long Weekend

Heath and I went to Adelaide this weekend for one of his best friend's wedding. We got there Thursday night and stayed at his aunt and uncle's house. Then on Friday, we drove around and visited some of the places Heath used to hang out at and also drove by his old house.

Then on Friday night, Heath went out with the boys for the Buck's night and I went out with two of Heath's cousins. We shopped around the city and had dinner and then went out dancing! The funniest part of the night was when Lechae (married to Heath's cousin) and I got asked if we were single and we both said no...she's married and I'm engaged! It was classic to see their reaction because they were so shocked that we were so young and already committed to marriage. It was the first time a stranger had asked me if I was single and I was proud to say that I was engaged :)

In Australia, it is tradition to have an engagement party. We decided since we were already in Adelaide and Heath has a lot of family there, we decided to have an engagement party there, as well as in Brisbane. Heath's aunt and uncle, Lynise and Lindsay, helped us put together a beautiful party. We were thinking about doing a simple Sunday afternoon BBQ, with sausages, chops, salads and maybe a cake. Well, Lynise made sure that we had tons of food and variety! She made 4 different salads, veggie platter, fruit platter, 3 different desserts, and she even made us an engagement cake! They did a wonderful job and we really appreciated all the work that they did for us. They are Heath's second parents!
Engagement party cake
Lindsay, Heath's uncle
Cutting the cake

When we got back from Adelaide, I had the day off on Monday so we decided to go golfing. The course we went to had heaps of kangaroos running around the course !
Nice shot, Heath!
This was at the 7th hole and my ball had landed close to this big male kangaroo. He was standing on his two hind legs and it looked like he was flexing his pecks! He was pretty intimidating so I was hurrying to hit the ball!

So things are well down unda. We are counting the days till we are back in Arizona with my family and married in the Mesa Temple. 8 weeks and 4 days till Heath and I are sealed for time and eternity! Can't wait!