Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Travel Bug

We just recently caught the Travel bug. Here's what we have planned over the next 6 months...

The first stop...AMERICA! Oh America, how I miss your 89 cent, 32 oz fountain drinks, Wal Mart, and MY FAMILY!! This is the trip that I am, by far, looking forward to the most! It has been 1 1/2 since I have been to my homeland and I am so excited to catch up with my family and friends and spend the festive holidays in the cold weather (Queensland is disgustingly hot in December).Next stop, Thailand. This my tour guide aka Hubby. He has been there several times and knows all the great places to go. We are also going with our good friends David and Courtney. We are sooo excited!

And the next place we want to go to...Japan! This is where Heath served his mission. He is currently studying secondary education in Japanese so he continues to speak Japanese fluently.
Till then...54 days till America! I can't wait to see you all!!