Saturday, November 13, 2010

Summer Lovin

Just a sneak peak at what we've been doing since summer has come around... Southbank! Our beach sanctuary when we can't get to the real thing.

14 more sleeps till we're in AMERICA!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Wake up Australia, its Halloween!!

Halloween is not a very celebrated holiday in Australia (I had people at work asking when Halloween was?? What the heck??) so Heath and I decided we would throw a party! To start off the Halloween festivities, we had to carve a pumpkin (thanks Renae!). Heath had a sore ear and had just put drops in so he just took notes :)
Next item of business...COSTUMES! My favorite part of Halloween is coming up with costumes. We thought we would do a Batman theme (thanks for the photos Ben).
David and Courtney aka Dwight and Pippy Longstocking

Avatar, Lady Gaga, and Superman!

Bobbing for apples. Go Julie!
Whats a party without some creepy treats! Thanks Jade for providing the bloody fingers!

Here are the decoration for the backyard (after the party)

We also did a mini Haunted House but I am dumb and did not get pictures! We had a great time and thanks everyone for coming!