Sunday, March 15, 2009

Here are the updates! There's not very many, just having fun and getting into normal life. Heath is going to Queensland University of Technology and I just got a job at Rebel Sport, which is a sporting goods store. I work in clothing, so I am learning all the Rugby and Australian Football teams! They also sell Lakers jerseys, which is a nice little piece of home in the store (even though I hate the Lakers).

Here is us bowling a few weeks ago with Chad and Irene (Heath's brother and his wife) and Miki, a Japanese student staying with Chad and Irene.
Celebrating David's 25th birthday at the drive-in movies.
This is David and my good friend Courtney who came to visit me in Australia! She has been here for two weeks and leaves tomorrow. I am so sad! It has been so fun having her here. We are on our way to the city for a night out on the town!
Aww..I love him!
On the bus on the way to the first rugby game of the season...also, mine and Courtney's first rugby game ever!
In the stands at the was pretty eventful. There was a proposal at the beginning of the game; the Broncos (the team we're going for) beat the Cowboys (rival team) by 1 point; and then with a couple minutes left of the game, there was a man streaking across the field! It was pretty funny.

And for Courtney's last day, we went to church and then had a picnic at the botanical gardens in the city. I am going to miss Courtney when she leaves!