Sunday, February 15, 2009


I have never been on a cruise before and a couple weeks ago we had the opportunity to go on one! One of Heath's friends works for a cruise line they were able to get a ridiculously cheap deal...$200 for 7 days, so we couldn't pass it up! There were tons of Heath's friends there as well so it was a lot of fun!

The first day couple days, we were just out at sea. The first night, we went to the nightly show and then went to karaoke with all of our friends. I decided to get up and sing Cher's "If I Could Turn Back Time". Bad idea!! All I knew was the chorus and the first verse so I was stumbling over words, and then the boat was rocking a lot so it was hard to stand still and I looked drunk! It was a lot of fun and everyone was cheering and laughing. When I finished the song, everyone was clapping and Heath came up and gave me a big kiss in front of everyone! It was a good finish to the song. After that, we all went out to clubbing at Club Oz on the boat, which was a lot of fun.

The next day, we stopped at Whitsundays. That day was also Australia day (similar to our 4th of July) so we got decked out in Australian flag swim suits, tattoos, and hats. We went to a lagoon and played games and hung out there. 

The next stop was Cairns, where the Great Barrier Reef is. My only regret is that we planned things better and made a point to go scuba dive and/or snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef but there wasn't that much planning and by the time we figured out what we wanted to do, we didn't have enough time. So we spend the first day at a lagoon laying out and swimming. At night, we went clubbing in Cairns with some of the entertainment crew from the ship. The next day, we rented a motorcycle and drove about 20 minutes to a place called the Crystal Cascades. It was similar to Slide Rock in Sedona; it had lots of natural water falls and water slides. We started at the top and let the current take us along this little creek. We ended up with some scraps and bruises but we ended up being okay. On the way back, we stopped to pet some horses (I wouldn't touch them, as you can see from the pictures) and while I was getting off the motorcycle, I burned my leg on the exhaust pipe! It hurt soooo bad! 

We made our way back into town and got back onto the boat, because it was leaving at 5:30pm that night. That night, the boat was rocking a lot, and everyone was feeling kind of sick. We ended up going to bed really early that night. The next day, everyone was feeling really sick and ready to be off the boat. 

There were entertainment shows every night, followed by lots of other activities like dancing. During the day, they had Wii Bowling tournaments, table tennis tournaments, golf, etc. The cruise was a lot of fun, but because I was so sick at the end, if I went on another cruise, I would only go for 5 days!