Tuesday, December 20, 2011

So proud of this guy

Well done babe! You did it!


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Tree, Thanksgiving, Couples Retreat, Tennis, Summer!!

I feel like I never have anything to blog about and then I realized I actually took pictures of some stuff we've been up to!

Well let's start with Christmas Tree. Heath's family tradition is to put it up November 1st but my family tradition is after Thanksgiving. So we decided to meet in the middle and do it Nov 12th. Why not enjoy the tree longer???
I had to work on Thanksgiving so I put Heath in charge of the turkey. I told him he would ruin Thanksgiving if he ruins the turkey...
He did a beautiful job! (he was so proud of himself) And you can't have Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie! Only paid $6.99 for the canned pumpkin (crazy, I know)
We made this little purchase just before Thanksgiving...on sale for $25!!
Starting from me going left: Courtney, David, Carol (David's mom), Jordan (friend who's family lives in America), Cody, Ben (American bro-in-law), and Hope
The day after Thanksgiving, we made plans to go to the Sunshine Coast for our annual Couples Retreat! We didn't do anything last year but the year before we went camping at Stradbroke Island. Heath and I planned this year and decided to stay in apartments at Marcoola beach.

View from our room!
Couldn't go a day at the beach without playing beach cricket! (David below)
Courtney playing in the outfield!
James "bowling" (the pitcher)
And lastly, Heath and Travis (bro-in-law) had their tennis tournament last night and won!! I think Heath is ready for the Brisbane International.

Just thought I'd throw this last picture in....this is a tree in front of our house that just all of a sudden blossomed with bright orange flowers!! (this photo does not do the colors justice) I love living in a tropical climate! I'm definitely ready for summer!