Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happiest Birthday Jaxy!

I've been moping around the house all morning thinking about my sweet baby being one today. Such a bitter sweet day for me. What a cute and fun little young man he has become! He is truly a little boy - loves eating EVERYTHING, tries to climb and sit on everything, loves to kiss and cuddle (only on his terms though), sings song with us when we put him to bed, laughs at loud noises and people getting hurt, loves to be chased, loves to run away from everyone (except papa) and waves goodbye at anyone who is acting like they are leaving (shoes on, keys in hand, standing at the front door). He is the most wonderful person in my life and I feel so blessed I get to spend everyday with him!

Here are some (a lot) of pictures from the last month in Australia, Hawaii and AZ (and yes, he loves to travel like mama and papa).

Bowling for Heath's birthday. I love this little bear suit! 

 All ready for church

 Watching daddy's football game with the cousins

 Lamingtons for our State of Origin Party (the Superbowl of Rugby)...mmmmm

 This pictures just makes me laugh! I set him in the chair so I could hang up laundry and when I came back, he was slouched down like this! He was comfy though

 Dressed warm for daddy's last AFL game

 Heath's sister Renae got us tickets to Australia's Got Talent. It was pretty cool.


 Bubba Gump's

 Hanauma Bay...such an amazing place to snorkel!
 Polynesian Cultural Center

 Luau...best food!!!

 My sister Kimberlee invited us to the Phoenix Children's Museum of Art and there are a bunch of other pictures you can see from that day here but I wanted to post this picture because I have no idea how I captured this moment! He was having the best time playing with these drapes and had a kung fu grip on that frying pan. I feel like his face says it all in this picture. 

Happiest Birthday to my Jaxy Boy!! Cannot wait to make more fun memories with you and your new sibling!


  1. You blogged?!;) I just love that kid. You can tell he just wants to have fun and love being around those that love him. (and I about died laughing at that photo of him slouched in the chair like a slug lol). Happy Birthday Jaxy!

  2. It's still too hard to get my head around the fact that a year can go that fast! I can remember the newborn stage so clearly.
    Jax is such a clever, sweet boy. He'll make a wonderful big brother. Watch how fast this pregnancy goes in comparison to the first!

  3. I love this post! Jax is really the sweetest boy and brings so much happiness to everyone around him! I miss him on the daily. You and Heath are the best parents too, he's lucky to have you :)

  4. I am so happy for you, my children were all so close in age and I would not change that for anything in the world, they are all best friends now--congratulations to you and Heath