Friday, April 12, 2013

End of Summer

Fall is finally here, which I don't usually look forward to but in Australia, with no air conditioning, I am counting down the days till it's cold! Heath has been on school holidays the last 2 weeks (LOVE being married to a teacher) so we just been going out to eat, swimming, playing ping pong, hanging out with cousins, watching movies and spending time with our number one guy. Here are a few photos from the last couple weeks.

We got to spend time with our two nieces and nephew while Heath's sister went to Girl's Camp. They pretty much babysat Jax for me for 3 days! They loved being with their little baby cousin.
Yes, the pool was chilly!

We bought Jax a new floaty for the pool...he didn't really like it.

My little bear!
I can fly like cousin Sawyer!
Running my own bath
Sushi train!

Jax rarely lays in bed with us, he always just wants to play. We brought him in one morning and he was just happy to lay on the pillow with us. So cute.

Jolly Jumpin Jax hanging out with the boys!

We took Jax and his cousins into the city to watch Dora and friends and get their faces painted.

Rachel, Paige and Gabriel

Jax was mesmerized by Dora!

Getting his American passport photos

I don't know what got into us but we thought 'Let's take Jax to a movie with us. He'll just sleep  and it will be easy!" never. do. that. again. He was so overtired and I think the movie was stimulating him more than making him sleepy so Heath had to stand in the aisle by the door and play with him the whole movie. He ended up falling asleep the last 20 minutes. But we managed to get a cute picture of our boy (sorry for the bad quality).

Heath is back to school this week and so am I! I got a contract at Heath's school to work 1 day a week as a teacher aide. I don't really want to leave Jax but it's only one day a week and it gives him quality time with his aunty and Gamma Hart.