Sunday, February 5, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Welcome to our new home in Acacia Ridge, Queensland! It is an older house but I like to say it has character. The rooms and kitchen are newly painted and we are so happy to be in our own place!
We have a cute little garden on the side of our house and with all the rain we've been having in the last couple weeks, these little beauties just popped right up!
The is our lounge room and the first room you walk into when you enter the house.
Heath's sister, Renae, was moving at the same time and getting rid of some furniture, which included the book shelves! We have minimal furniture so we were happy to take these for free!
This is the dining room
And the kitchen, which is right of the dining room. We finally have a kitchen with a dishwasher which surprisingly enough we still don't use! I guess when it's just 2 people living here, it's just easier to wash them by hand then waste water and wash a few dishes. Maybe I've just been washing dishes by hand for too long!
Back door to our...
Backyard! In the left hand corner you will see a clothes line, which is standard in a Queensland house, as most people do not have dryers. Lucky for us, I found a bargain at a yard sale and scored us one for $30! No more hanging the clothes on the line.
Newly renovated bathroom.
Our favorite room by far...the Theatre Room.

And last but not least, our bedroom. The white box on the wall is our air-conditioning unit. Air-conditioning was a prerequisite while we were house shopping and all the rooms have air-conditioning units (thank goodness!) which, again, is not a standard in a Queensland house. I don't know how people build houses here and not have ducted air-conditioning! Guess the Aussies are really "green" here.
And here is our old TV, which Heath said we couldn't get rid of when we upgraded so it ended up in our room. Now, the cricket is on 24/7...Joy!
We also have one other room but I have not posted pictures because it has become the "I don't know where to put this" room. We have a spare bed, couches, clothes, shoes, vacuum, picture frames, etc. so I might post pictures at a later date when it actually looks like a room.

Heath and I lived in a tiny unit when we first got married (and when I say tiny, I mean it consisted of a bed room, which flowed into another room crammed with couches and a sink for a kitchen). We lived in this unit for 8 months in which after we moved to his sister's house, Jade, to save money while he finished school. We have been living at that house for almost 2 years. Although we had our own space in the downstairs part of the house, there is nothing like being in your own place!