Friday, July 29, 2011

2 Years...

It was our 2 year anniversary and I feel like it was our 50th!

We kept it pretty low key...we both worked the whole day and then I came home to flowers, chocolate, and a mushy love note. We opened presents the night before because I couldn't wait to give Heath his present...Enrique Igelsias tickets! I know, you're thinking "What the..." but he is a closet Enrique fan. He has only been to one concert in his whole life so I thought this would be really fun! I hid the tickets in a golf ball box so he had no idea!

Back to our anniversary day....I came home to all these lovely things and then we went out to Mexican food (which is now a tradition for us on our anniversary). I picked up a little cake after work and we went to these cliffs that overlook Brisbane river and went on a romantic walk and had cake. We made it an early night (we both had to work early the next day) and went home, watched Harry Potter, and had hot Milos. Even though we sound like a couple of old people, it was the perfect anniversary!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The girls are back together!

For the last month, I have had my best friend McKenna staying with me! We have had so much fun and I was so sad to see her leave! Here are a FEW (I am horrible at remembering to bring my camera...see The Allens blog for more) photos of her visit.

One of our many adventures was the Glow Worm Caves. These caves are filled with little tiny worms that glow in the dark. I wish I had a better camera that could capture this but all the pictures turned out black. But here is McKenna getting her hair caught in a tree on our hike there!

Buffet breakfast in the Gold Coast for McKenna's 21st!

Burleigh beach with the girls
Thanks for visiting us girlfriend! Please come back again soon!!